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Weekly photo challenge: Face

This week’s photo challenge is to upload a photo of a Face. Every face is a unique form of art! Faces aren’t only forms of identification, faces give us a sense of familiarity, intimacy, and comfort. The unknown scares us and faces make us familiar with a world of personalities of unknown individuals which we… Continue reading Weekly photo challenge: Face


100% Worth Checking out: Angolan Photographers´ Instagrams

  Hey!! Today I want to share with you some astonish Instagrams and photographs. I extremely recommend you to sit back, click and scroll down these Instagram accounts. You won´t regret it! Name: Mauro Sérgio This Instagram has a mix of unique landscapes and portraits. Right now, the photographer is capturing his journey throughout Angola in… Continue reading 100% Worth Checking out: Angolan Photographers´ Instagrams