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The POWER of Social Media

I guess you have already heard about what the French Viner Jerome Jarre just accomplished! It all started when Jerome published a video saying how sad and shocked he was after hearing that a six-year-old girl died from malnutrition and dehydration in Somalia. As an urgent appeal and not a lot of time to think… Continue reading The POWER of Social Media

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I am not a Feminist but I have common sense

For me, rape is in the same category as drugs, alcohol, tobacco and public health. The health, mental and behavioral issues that come with rape are as important and serious as the consequences of drugs, it is mortal. Lately, I have been seeing a lot of rape news on social media and I am always… Continue reading I am not a Feminist but I have common sense

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Internship Log 1/1

I got the opportunity to work in a telecoms and network provider company based in Southampton. I must say that besides the terms “internet”, “wifi” and “icloud”  I didn’t understand anything about the network, telecommunications, and IT industry. On the interview day, my supervisor gave me a package with loads of information about the company… Continue reading Internship Log 1/1

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Weekly photo challenge: Face

This week’s photo challenge is to upload a photo of a Face. Every face is a unique form of art! Faces aren’t only forms of identification, faces give us a sense of familiarity, intimacy, and comfort. The unknown scares us and faces make us familiar with a world of personalities of unknown individuals which we… Continue reading Weekly photo challenge: Face